Mission Statement

Oregon Youth Lacrosse Mission Statement

To ensure a unified and responsive organization that develops and promotes the sport of lacrosse by providing services to its members and programs to inspire participation, while preserving the integrity of the game.

OYL’s Responsibilities:

  • Act as the governing body for youth lacrosse in the State of Oregon.
  • Provide educational programs and administrative support for coaches and youth players of all skill levels, in both developmental and competitive programs.
  • Update and enforce rules of play, consistent with rules of play in the rest of the United States and consistent with US Lacrosse.
  • Administer the game schedule during the spring season and/or other designated seasons.
  • Recruit, retain, train, develop and schedule referees.

Member Club/Team Responsibilities:

  • Each club/program who is a member of OYL will pay a fee to OYL based on the number of teams in their club/program. The fee will cover the administrative costs of the website, training and paying referees, and other share costs incurred during the season.
  • OYL will hold its annual meeting each year. Each participating club/program agrees to have at least one representative attend this meeting.
  • Meetings of the Board members of OYL shall be held each month. Special meetings may be called, as needed, with a minimum 3 days notice. Board meetings will be open to participating clubs/program to attend, but not vote, unless an executive session has been called. Executive Sessions will be limited to voting Board Members only.

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